Holwell Traditions

Holwell Lawn 1

Like many people local to Dartmoor, we visit Holwell Lawn, near Hound Tor, toward the end of May every year. The Bluebells will always, by then, have been in flower for several weeks in other parts of the county, and in the Dartmoor woodlands. But from the middle of the month walkers, photographers and of… Continue reading Holwell Traditions

Merrivale, 9:30pm

Merrivale, Leat and the Staples, dusk

Wednesday, 6:30pm, and I was still feeling guilty about not heading out to the moor the previous Saturday night as I had planned. I’m plagued at the moment with painful joints, especially in the knees, and while my usual verve for walking in the hills is undiminished, I don’t want to risk too much, too… Continue reading Merrivale, 9:30pm

Falling into darkness near Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor, Dark

There was very little light left when I descended from Yar Tor last night, but I felt it would be worth returning once more to a scene I’ve photographed before of this view over to Sharp Tor. It was around 9pm and the glorious light I’d hoped for earlier on Yar Tor hadn’t materialised: the… Continue reading Falling into darkness near Sharp Tor