The Fog on the Teign (was all mine)

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It is, apparently, over a year since I last made a blog post! Well anyway… one morning early in February, I set out from high on Exeter Road, Teignmouth, where it was warm and sunny, to the Quay at Teignmouth, where it was not. Town centre, beach and estuary were all lost in a dense fog. I wanted to make some images from here at low tide, and so parked near the Quay and started walking toward Shaldon Bridge along the river beach. I’d hoped for a much lower tide, and so didn’t get much further than the Bishopsteignton side of the bridge. The mist though, was a gift, and things I glimpsed but couldn’t identify eventually revealed themselves after a few more paces. Heaven knows why some of those things were there. Two hours later I returned, not having met another soul.

Nothing spectacular, but I’m weary of the spectacular and overblown: here’s a gentle bit of extraordinary ordinariness.


Fog on the Teign 1

Low Flight, Low Tide
Single Gull, Shaldon Bridge
Blue Boat and Shaldon Bridge

Branches & Bridge

A bike, a boat and stuff
A bike, a boat and stuff
A bike, a boat and stuff (bit closer)
Losing it
Nautical Miles
Nautical Miles
Nautical Stockpiling
Boaty McBoat Shapes
End of the Quay
End of the Quay 2
You are on the down side
End of the Quay 3


2 Replies to “The Fog on the Teign (was all mine)”

  1. Terry, what a lovely series of photos… very urban geographic/flaneur-ish! Graffiti, junk, and all that. Atmospheric. Though needless to say my preference is for the Branches and Bridge and Low Flight, Low Tide ones.

    Can I use one (more?) for a post I’d like to do on my blog?

    1. Thanks Daphne, that’s appreciated. Happy to share a pic with your own blog, which one are you thinking of, and would you like me to email you a JPEG? (There were several more graffiti and junk images but I decided I liked them more than local folk might! Also took several of workings at the quay itself, but was told off by security so again I’ll just enjoy those myself!) Anyway thanks again, and just let me know about the pic.

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