Bramble Oak Cross

Bramble Oak
Bramble Oak

I always look forward to reaching this wonderful old intersection of minor roads near Denbury with its delightful tree at the centre. I deliberately include just two of the roads here, encircling the great mound of Denbury Down, with its Iron Age fort. The Down is clearly visible for miles around, including much of Southern Dartmoor, and also featured in my ‘How can I not love…’ blog piece below. The lovely old marker post includes some of my most cherished locations in South Devon: Woodland, Ashburton, Broadhempston, Landscove, Torbryan, Ipplepen, Denbury.

It’s been some time since I posted a black and white photograph, and still longer since I posted a split-toned image, but I felt the light here deserved it. The introduction of subtle green and pink hues in (respectively) the highlights and shadows, helps convey a little more depth and luminosity. For me at least – what do you think?

(I’m sure many would remove the telegraph post and cable, but that’s what’s there, so why pretend it’s not?)

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