Merrivale, 9:30pm

Merrivale, Leat and the Staples, dusk
Merrivale, Leat and the Staples, dusk

Wednesday, 6:30pm, and I was still feeling guilty about not heading out to the moor the previous Saturday night as I had planned. I’m plagued at the moment with painful joints, especially in the knees, and while my usual verve for walking in the hills is undiminished, I don’t want to risk too much, too soon, in case I find myself high on a tor I can’t get off! Hopefully this will soon pass…

What I really wanted to do was to walk up to Great Mis Tor; it’s been quite a while since I was last there, but I’m not ready for that just yet. I decided to shake myself into action, pack the usual gear and head for Merrivale, to the stone rows: an easy, flat and delightful walk from the nearest car park opposite Great Mis Tor.

I didn’t arrive until after 8pm and sunset was at 9:05pm, so I hadn’t left myself much time for anything. I photographed the stone rows, the Cist, the Staples, King’s Tor, and Great Mis Tor in the distance (with flag flying, so I could not have walked far up there anyway). I may post some of those photographs at some point. This was my favourite though. It doesn’t show the stone row or Great Mis Tor, but only the Staples in the distance, and the brook that runs between the rows, reflecting the last light in the afterglow in the sky at 9:30pm. I’m happy with this; it was worth the guilt trip.

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