Dartmoor’s Smiley Wall

smiley wall colour
smiley wall colour

Last week I spotted a Tweet from BBC reporter Sophie Pierce about a ‘smiley wall’ on Dartmoor. I frequently drive past this part of the moor, on the road connecting Widecombe with Ponsworthy, and I think I first noticed the ‘face’ around 4-5 months ago, but had never stopped to look at it. A few days ago, I did stop, and on that grey and cloudy day it was rather a wonderful, cheery thing to see – and a satisfying bit of craftsmanship too.

smiley BW

According to Sophie’s tweet it was created by local farmer Lloyd Mortimore, with the intention of spreading a little happiness. I’m quite sure that simple and worthy intention required a heck of a lot of hard work, and I will pay it far more attention now each time I drive past – and not only to cheer myself up! I hope it will remain in place for hundreds of years.

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