Joy’s Pear Trees

Joy's Pear Trees 9
Joy's Pear Trees 9
Joy's Pear Trees 1
Joy’s Pear Trees 1

For 10 days in August we had a holiday in East Sussex, just North of Lewes. The owners of the lovely property where we stayed, John and Joy, are rightly very proud of their garden, and indeed Joy is a professional gardener. For whatever reason, I became a little obsessed with Joy’s pear trees, and photographed them to the exclusion of pretty much everything else in the garden, usually as the sun was setting, or even after it had set. I have just one straight image of one of the apple trees as the sun is setting beyond the field behind the garden, but it will give a little context:

Apple Tree
Apple Tree

Toward the end of our time there, Joy told me she’d seen me photographing in the garden, and hoped I’d enjoyed some of the lovely sunsets we’d had that week. I confessed I hadn’t actually noticed them, because I’d been preoccupied with the pear trees, and what potential they offered for multiple exposures in the changing light. I’m sure this must have made very little sense, but there was something about the form and colour of the the fruits, some very fresh, some older and past their best, that just completely engrossed me. The gnarly dry-looking trees against the fulsomeness of the fruit, full of juice… well, I could go on, but here are a few of the multiple exposures I made while I was there. Some are very grainy / noisy indeed, thanks to the almost complete absence of light when I took them, but I like those ones especially.

Joy's Pear Trees 2
Joy’s Pear Trees 2
Joy's Pear Trees 3
Joy’s Pear Trees 3
Joy's Pear Trees 4
Joy’s Pear Trees 4
Joy's Pear Trees 6
Joy’s Pear Trees 6
Joy's Pear Trees 7
Joy’s Pear Trees 7
Joy's Pear Trees 8
Joy’s Pear Trees 8
Joy's Pear Trees 9
Joy’s Pear Trees 9
Joy's Pear Trees 10
Joy’s Pear Trees 10
Joy's Pear Trees 11
Joy’s Pear Trees 11
Joy's Pear Trees 12
Joy’s Pear Trees 12


  1. I like all these, though especially 8 because of the clump of pears and the lovely snake-skin like bark markings on the trunk. I know nothing about photography, and normally don’t go for artificially arranged images, but I love these… and anyway, as a writer, who artificially arranges words all the time, I should stop being so limited in my approach to the visual image.

    Where are those cranefly ones you did? They are beautiful.


    1. Thanks Daphne, I rather favour No 8 myself, glad you like it. The Crane Fly pic was an iPhone multi exposure & I only posted it on twitter. Perhaps I should add it here too, will do that on the next couple of days, hopefully.


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