On the rocks from Bridford

Heltor to Blackingstone Rock

I’ve grown very fond of the landscape around Bridford, on the eastern boundary of Dartmoor, but it’s been several years since my last visit to Heltor Rock, just west of the village. Until recently, though, I had never visited Blackingstone Rock, a mile to the south of Heltor. A couple of weeks ago I looked… Continue reading On the rocks from Bridford

Stay misty for me

Merrivale late-9

Back in May this year I decided that I needed to hand make a second photobook. It had to be photographed, printed, written, cut, hand stitched and bound by yours truly. (We won’t talk about the first photobook because that was just me practising.) I was keen to make some of Dartmoor’s archaeological artefacts the… Continue reading Stay misty for me

Higher Uppacott Dartmoor Longhouse

Higher Uppacott is a Grade 1 Listed Farm building situated near Poundsgate, Dartmoor. Most people driving on the road up from Ashburton to the Bel Tor car park must have admired it nestled into a tight bend just beyond the Methodist chapel. It has been undergoing conservation work of late, but guided visits have been… Continue reading Higher Uppacott Dartmoor Longhouse

Rippon Tor Rifle Range, Dartmoor

Rippon Tor Rifle Range 6

  There are several resources online which will give a proper and informed account of the Rifle Range just south of Rippon Tor on Dartmoor. (See especially the always-readable Legendary Dartmoor site.) This is not such a resource! The range has been a feature at this spot since the early 1940s and the ‘stop butt’ featuring… Continue reading Rippon Tor Rifle Range, Dartmoor