The Fog on the Teign (was all mine)

It is, apparently, over a year since I last made a blog post! Well anyway… one morning early in February, I set out from high on Exeter Road, Teignmouth, where it was warm and sunny, to the Quay at Teignmouth, where it was not. Town … Continue readingThe Fog on the Teign (was all mine)

Somewhere down the Crazy River

It’s hard to beat this kind of walk: you plunge through dense woodland, steeply downhill, with views of the hills all around, descending deep into the valley, until there is the first glimpse of the river straight ahead, right across your path. The kind of … Continue readingSomewhere down the Crazy River

When the image that means the most means the least to everyone else

Late in May I made the traditional visit to Holwell Lawn on Dartmoor for the usual outrageous display of Bluebells. Most images we all make of the ‘bells were cliches a decade ago, and even more so now, but I still go because just witnessing … Continue readingWhen the image that means the most means the least to everyone else

Source of the Devonport Leat

It’s been a rough 3 months with Penny, our beautiful 11-and-a-half year old Cocker Spaniel. In November she began suffering from an (unexplained) infection in one of her paws; it was red-raw and began to swell significantly. She spent several weeks on antibiotics and had … Continue readingSource of the Devonport Leat