Rippon Tor Rifle Range, Dartmoor

Rippon Tor Rifle Range 6

  There are several resources online which will give a proper and informed account of the Rifle Range just south of Rippon Tor on Dartmoor. (See especially the always-readable Legendary Dartmoor site.) This is not such a resource! The range has been a feature at this spot since the early 1940s and the ‘stop butt’ featuring… Continue reading Rippon Tor Rifle Range, Dartmoor

A winterbourne pool, Top Tor

Top Tor Tarn

I remember attending a talk a couple of years ago by the renowned landscape photographer Jem Southam, where he talked about his book The River Winter. He mentioned how the beautiful word ‘winterbourne’ originally referred to a river or stream that runs only in winter, and is generally dry in the summer months. The talk made… Continue reading A winterbourne pool, Top Tor

Dense mist, Grimspound

Grimspound stone hut 1

One day I must visit Grimspound on a fine, sunny day. The last time I was there, in March 2013, it was ice cold, all around covered in frost, and the light was a cool blue.  Last week’s outing wasn’t meant to be a trip to Grimspound at all. I’d planned to walk along one… Continue reading Dense mist, Grimspound

Dartmoor’s Smiley Wall

smiley wall colour

Last week I spotted a Tweet from BBC reporter Sophie Pierce about a ‘smiley wall’ on Dartmoor. I frequently drive past this part of the moor, on the road connecting Widecombe with Ponsworthy, and I think I first noticed the ‘face’ around 4-5 months ago, but had never stopped to look at it. A few… Continue reading Dartmoor’s Smiley Wall